Update from Timure

May 21, 2015.

Timure, Khaidi and Ghattekhola have faced some significant damages. The centre of Timure has been completely destroyed. Where there were old/beautiful houses, chortens and small cobbled alleyways now has only piled rocks.
Landslides caused by the earthquake have only created more fear amongst the people who constantly look up to see if there are more boulders falling down. Most of the families have already moved up to Khaidi where the danger of landslides is not as eminent but come monsoon a significant number will be moving higher up to Syaubari, living in tents/tarpaulins. According to some, this will be the hardest monsoon they will be facing in a long long time. The same fate awaits the people in Ghattekhola and Khaidi.
Rasuwagadhi looks post-apocalyptic; heavy machinery, industrial noise, high winds, dust all around, dry slopes, raging river, scraps of metal and clothes all over. As indicated by Rabi Thapa, “They are planning to stabilise the main slide at the border with a buffer zone above it, which means they will not be excavating the mass of rock and human/material remains in its entirely, as the customs and clearance agents might prefer. A high-level security meeting took place yesterday to decide on future road clearing activities. There is talk of moving the customs house to Timure, due to the risk posed by landslides..”

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